About Us

Hi, everybody! We’re Michael and Kalani Neeland.


Gotta include at least one self-taken couple shot.

I, Kalani, am a stay-at-home wife and write most of the blog posts. Michael is an mechanical engineer and writes here sometimes, too.

We have our own home, and are getting into home improvement, urban homesteading, gardening, and home brewing. We like doing a lot of DIY projects, which end up getting written about here, usually with step-by-step instructions and our own unprofessional (but hopefully helpful) pictures. Michael loves to cook, so we share some of our favorite recipes, too. It’s nice to tell ourselves that sharing our projects might help others on the Internet start their own.

We’re also major geeks, so a lot of our interests there end up entwined in the other stuff that we do. We love steampunk, video games, costumes, books, old machinery, cheesy blockbuster superhero movies with gratuitous explosions.

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