A DIY Dinosaur Wreath

Well, it’s that time of year again. Drinking hot cocoa, curled up watching the fireplace on Netflix, starting to think about seasonal decor and how to incorporate more dinosaurs with it.

Wait, what?

Yes! Today I bring you the DIY Dinosaur Holiday Wreath. I’m not sure which holiday it’s for. Right now it’s for Hallowgivingmas, because it’s kind of got that warm, wintry/fall vibe that will last until January, which is how long decorations tend to stay up around this house anyway.

Merry Halloween. I brought you a flower.

Merry Halloween. I brought you a flower.

I don’t have a lot (read: any) pictures of the process, so I will share the pictures of the finished project, and provide only the briefest synopsis of how to make one for yourself, if you need an additional dinosaur guarding your front door (or wherever). Since we don’t use a lot of holiday decor around the house that we switch out for the seasons (are you kidding? I’m lucky if I get the dishes done!), I decided that this wreath would be for Michael to bring to his Transformers-filled office cubicle.



My guide below shows how I made this particular wreath. Obviously, any or all of this can be changed at your discretion. The really important part is that there is a dinosaur involved.



How to Make a Dinosaur Wreath

Tools and Materials:

  • A foam wreath form. You could also just add a dinosaur to any wicker, pinecone, or floral wreath that you already have
  • A plastic dinosaur. Try to get one that is a good size compared to the wreath. We want her to feel at home.
  • Some foliage. I tried to buy some that looked distinctly Jurassic, which is odd because the Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during the Cretaceous period. I ended up with some plastic fern-y looking things and a giant fake succulent flower. It brings out her eyes.
  • If you are using a foam wreath: Some coordinating fabric (I chose a lovely polka dot), and some foam-friendly glue
  • Ribbon for bow, hanging, or embellishments
  • A hot glue gun with some hot glue sticks.
  • Maybe some scissors and/or wire cuttersĀ because fake foliage can be a pain to cut.

Step 1: Cover the Foam Wreath with Fabric

Cut or tear the fabric into narrow strips, which you can wrap around your wreath form. Use your foam-friendly glue; hot glue can melt a styrofoam wreath form. If you have a wreath of a more natural material, this step isn’t necessary. It probably already looks great. Decorate it however you like to prepare for the dinosaur.

Step 2: Glue on Dinosaur with Hot Glue

Kind of nestle it into the wreath. Make it look comfortable.

Step 3: Glue on foliage

Attach your foliage around the dinosaur to provide some natural cover. Feel free to cut the foliage up to get fronds of the right length. Tuck the ends in underneath the dinosaur to get the look you want. You may decide to cover the entire wreath with foliage, or use it mainly as an accent.

Step 4: Add ribbon.

Here is a good bow tutorial. You can make one the appropriate size for your wreath. You can also tie a nice bow around the dinosaur’s neck, for that extra something.

Ok, that’s about all it takes. It’s not a particularly lengthy project. Decorating wreaths is fun.

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